There are many ways to provide financial assistance to senior religious and their communities. Your gift is tax deductible.

Give at your parish

Please give during the annual collection at your local Catholic parish. For 2020, the national collection dates are December 12-13, although some (arch)dioceses choose to hold the collection on different dates. Across the nation, various precautions may be in place due to the coronavirus pandemic. If you are unable to give to the collection during Mass, please mail your offertory envelope to your parish (write RFR on the memo line of your check). Or contribute through your parish’s online giving platform, if available.

By Mail:
Retirement Fund for Religious
National Religious Retirement Office
P.O. Box 96988
Washington DC 20090-6988

Donation form to accompany your gift

Online Giving
At present, the Retirement Fund for Religious (RFR) does not accept online donations, but you can make a secure, electronic contribution at the Diocese of Buffalo’s Share in the Care site. All donations made through the Diocese of Buffalo are forwarded to the National Religious Retirement Office.

Matching Gifts and United Way
Your employer may have a Matching Gift Program for the RFR appeal. Be sure to ask for a matching gift form to send in with your donation. If your company is not already enrolled, ask how this program can be established in your workplace. If you work for a company that participates in the United Way, ask your coordinator about designating the Retirement Fund for Religious to receive your donation.


The most efficient method for donors and their stockbrokers to transfer gifts is by direct transfer of the stock to the trust account of Retirement Fund for Religious, which is held at State Street Bank and Trust. State Street is a member of a national clearinghouse (DTC), which allows for direct transfer of stock between brokers.

You must advise State Street Bank, in advance, that a transfer is being made so that authorizations will be in place for its acceptance. Please contact Mr. Steven Pearson at State Street Bank by phone at 617-985-6902, by fax at 617-786-2196, or by email at (Please copy Monica Glover at on any communication with State Street Bank. Monica can also be reached at 202-541-3216 if you have questions.)

DTC Account Name: State Street Bank and Trust
DTC Participant Number: 0997
DTC Account Number: 02DB
DTC Broker Number: 26022
Reference: For the benefit of Retirement Fund for Religious

Mutual Funds

Thank you for your interest in gifting mutual fund shares to the Retirement Fund for Religious. State Street Bank trades specific mutual funds; therefore, you must contact them in advance to obtain a delivery authorization. Please contact Mr. Steven Pearson at State Street Bank by phone at 617-985-6902, by fax at 617-786-2196, or by email at with the following information.

Delivering broker:
Securities description:
Number of shares:
Reference: For the benefit of USCCB/Retirement Fund for Religious


To make the National Religious Retirement Office or the Retirement Fund for Religious a beneficiary in your will or estate planning or to make a restricted gift, please use the following language:

“To the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, Washington, D.C., (EIN 53-0196617) for the exclusive purpose of assisting Roman Catholic religious orders in the United States to provide for the retirement needs of their elderly members.”

(The term “religious orders” includes religious orders, congregations, institutes, etc. of both women and men.)