The Retirement Fund for Religious team recently journeyed to St. Louis, Missouri, to photograph senior religious from various communities within the archdiocese. These dedicated sisters, brothers, and religious order priests have all benefited from the impact of generous donations to the Retirement Fund for Religious collection, held annually nationwide.

“It’s this kindness,” Brother Ronald of the Order of the Most Holy Trinity and the Captives (The Trinitarians) says, “that keeps us old birds chirping and fluttering, far from just waiting for the undertaker.” He notes that the donors to the Retirement Fund for Religious “enabled us to continue in our lives until our final… Read More »

“Sincere thanks to the donors of the Retirement Fund for Religious. I hope we meet, if not in this world, then in the next,” says Sister Teresa, 80, of the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate in Catonsville, MD.

“Those serving in religious life receive minimal compensation because of their vow of poverty, so donors giving to the retirement fund show appreciation for their work and provide them with a sense of security in their old age. We are so grateful for all they have done for us,” emphasizes Brother Charles Douglas, SSJ, who… Read More »

“Thank you for thinking about us! Your support acknowledges that we are the hands and feet of people, continuing the mission of Christ even in our retirement. Your generosity has been instrumental in helping others, and we are grateful for your recognition of our ongoing service. Together, we make a meaningful difference in the lives… Read More »

Father James Day, OSST, 77

“In the past, we who served in religious life traditionally received minimal compensation because of our vow of poverty. Therefore, when donors contribute to the retirement fund, it not only shows appreciation for our work as men and women religious but also provides us with a sense of security in our old age,” says Father… Read More »

“I am truly, truly grateful for the assistance provided by donors. I am glad that someone thinks about the religious,” says Sister Brenda Cherry, 84, a member of the Oblate Sisters of Providence in Halethorpe, MD. “It is important to support our elderly sisters, brothers and religious order priests who have dedicated their lives to… Read More »

The Retirement Fund for Religious (RFR) team recently photographed senior religious persons from various religious communities in the Archdiocese of Baltimore. These sisters, brothers, and religious order priests have all benefited from the generous donations to the annual Retirement Fund for Religious collection.

“I thank all the Retirement Fund for Religious donors for all they are making possible,” says Father William Graham, 75, a member of the Capuchin Friars, Province of St. Augustine, Pittsburgh. “Our role is to support you. You are giving to us, and we are giving back to you. Family does those things.”

“The religious have been blessed to share their lives in service to the church and the world,” says Father Bertrand Ebben, 90, a member of the Southern Dominican Province of St. Martin de Porres in New Orleans, Louisiana. “We, in turn, are grateful to the donors for all they make possible through their blessings.”