The Retirement Fund for Religious helps religious communities care for senior members—today and tomorrow.

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The Need

Across the United States, hundreds of religious communities lack financial resources sufficient to meet the retirement and health-care needs of aging members.

  • Lack of Funds

    Many elder religious worked for years for small stipends, leaving a large gap in retirement savings. At the same time, fewer religious are able to serve in compensated ministry.

  • Rising Costs

    Like many Americans, religious communities face the monumental challenge of funding eldercare.

  • Changing Demographics

    Today, retired religious outnumber wage-earners by nearly three to one.

Donations at Work

Your donation makes a difference. Roughly 95 percent of our budget aides senior religious. Only 5 percent is used for promotional activities and administration.

  • $863
    has been distributed since 1989.
  • 341
    religious communities received funding in 2020.
  • 28,418
    religious past age 70 benefit from the RFR.
  • Financial Assistance

    The bulk of donations to the Retirement Fund for Religious are allocated to assist with the direct care of senior religious. Learn More.

  • Consultation

    Volunteer consultants provide hands-on support for retirement planning and maximize the impact of donations. Learn More.

  • Education

    Proceeds from the Retirement Fund for Religious underwrite educational programs and resources that promote comprehensive retirement planning and enhanced quality of life for aging members. Learn More.

Ways to give

Learn how you can support elderly Catholic sisters, brothers, and religious order priests.

Stories & News

Meet some of the men and women who benefit from the Retirement Fund for Religious.

“When you are pretty sure that God is calling you to a place, life is full of contentment,” says Abbot Emeritus Peter Eberle. For him, that place was Mount Angel Abbey, a Benedictine monastery and seminary near Portland, Oregon, where he has been a monk for roughly 60 years.

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Thank You Sisters!

March 15, 2019

On a snowy February morning, six members of the Bernardine Franciscans of Reading, Pennsylvania, donned their best smiles and were photographed for the 2019 Retirement Fund for Religious (RFR) campaign materials.

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