Benedictines Honor the NRRO

Recently, the National Religious Retirement Office (NRRO) was honored by the Benedictine Sisters of Pittsburgh at their spring benefit gala. The NRRO coordinates the annual Retirement Fund for Religious collection and distributes the proceeds to religious communities in need through various programs. Participation in the NRRO’s Planning and Implementation Assistance program enabled the Benedictines to determine the best use of their property and resources, ensuring ongoing, quality care for elder members. The program provided financial and consultative assistance that allowed the sisters to project future needs, expenses, and sources of income. Ultimately, the community decided to downsize their facilities, selling their large motherhouse in Pittsburgh and building a modest, elder-friendly space better suited to their needs.

In accepting the award, NRRO Executive Director Sister Stephanie Still, PBVM, noted that the real tribute goes to all those who support the Retirement Fund for Religious. “While the NRRO is here to be honored tonight, I believe the honor belongs to faithful and generous Catholics. . . . You make the mission of the NRRO possible.”

Pictured above, from left: Sister Karen Brink, OSB, Prioress, Benedictine Sisters of Pittsburgh, and NRRO Executive Director Sister Stephanie Still, PBVM