“Life is a gift,” says Sister Catarina Santa Cruz, a member of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in San Antonio, Texas. “Take it. Embrace it. And live it in hope.”

“I’m one of those Great Depression kids,” says Franciscan Sister Florence Kruczek. Born December 2, 1927, Sister Florence grew up in lean times, yet she was surrounded and sustained by faith.

“This is my second year in retirement,” says Sister de Lourdes Okoniewski, who retired from active ministry at age 85. “I love it. I have a lot more time for prayer, and I appreciate that.”

Not many people can say they’ve powered up a nuclear reactor. But that’s just one of many memories Franciscan Sister Mary Joseph Tirpak has of her years as a science teacher.

At age 86, Sister Kateri Peake has yet to slow down. In fact, she has yet to retire!

The National Religious Retirement Office (NRRO) sponsors the nationwide Retirement Fund for Religious (RFR) collection. In each participating arch(diocese), the NRRO works with a representative who assists in promoting the collection in local parishes.

Thank You Sisters!

On a snowy February morning, six members of the Bernardine Franciscans of Reading, Pennsylvania, donned their best smiles and were photographed for the 2019 Retirement Fund for Religious (RFR) campaign materials.

“I loved those little children,” says Sister Clare Vandecoevering, 88, of the students in her first teaching assignment. “They were precious.” A member of the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon, she spent more than five decades in the classroom. Yet in all those years, her love for students never wavered—a devotion flowing from her… Read More »

“After the war, a lot of men were looking for peace,” says Brother Martin Gonzales, a World War II veteran and a Trappist monk from Our Lady of Guadalupe Abbey in Carlton, Oregon. “I remember reading an article in Reader’s Digest about veterans joining monasteries.” Born in 1925 in La Mesa, California, Brother Martin grew… Read More »

“Nature is my healing place,” says Benedictine Sister Joan Pokorny, 78. “It’s where I am most myself.” Growing up on a farm in Oakridge, Oregon, she felt a bond to the wonders of creation at an early age. “My mother started telling me that I was going to be a sister when I was 4… Read More »

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